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We would love to learn more about your ideas and share more information with you about our technology. We have a team of Product Development Specialists who can help you understand if SAF™ is suitable and also help you select the most suitable fabrics or fibres to trial.

Samples of our fibres and fabrics are also available to buy online at

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can SAF™ be dried and reused?

Yes, SAF™ can absorb and be dried multiple times, without loss of performance.

Does re-use affect performance?

For the fibre, there is no significant change, it tends to shrink slightly. For fabrics, slight differences may be seen but these are modest (They are due to the re-orientation of the fibres within the fabric)

Is SAF™ Biodegradable?

No. SAF™ is not biodegradable. It is however compostable.

Can SAF™ / Does SAF™ melt?

SAF™ does not melt. Above 230°C it will begin to break down.

Can SAF™ be extruded?

No, once the fibre has formed it cannot be reprocessed.

Does SAF™ absorb oil?

No, SAF™ does not absorb oils. It will absorb water and similar liquids, but not oils. In fabrics it can be combined with other materials that do absorb oil.

How long does it take for SAF™ to dry?

At normal temperatures, SAF™ will take a long time to dry (48 hours or more). Heat can be applied to speed this process up significantly.

Does SAF™ absorb quickly?

SAF™ is very quick to absorb, reaching saturation in a matter of seconds.

Why does it absorb quickly?

Due to its fibrous nature, SAF™ has a very high surface area allowing it to rapidly take in liquid, giving it a very quick absorption rate.

Does SAF™ prevent mould growth?

As SAF™ will absorb and retain water, it can limit mould growth. It is not specifically anti-fungal, but does slow its development.

Does SAF™ control odour?

SAF™ is not designed to absorb odour, only water. It is not known to prevent odour.

Is SAF™ anti-bacterial?

As SAF™ will absorb and retain water, it can limit bacterial growth. It is not specifically anti-bacterial, but does slow its development.

Does SAF™ kill plants?

SAF™ has a high sodium content. This can limit plant growth if the plants are sensitive to sodium.

Is SAF™ available in different colours?

SAF™ is only available in white in fibrous form. In fabrics or yarns it can be mixed with coloured components.